Places to find essential new things

Had a discussion with friends this morning, about how to explore new things, learn new staff. Then I got a list for myself:

  • digest email (daily)
  • and weekly digest email
  • HN (Hacker news), best realtime tech world aggregation
  • Github trends, place to find intresting ideas, or high quality projects
  • twitter geek list (not twitter timeline, you need pick your own geek list)
  • Techmeme, technology industry headlines
  • Theverge, for high quality reviews and news post with good quality of pictures
  • Reader (digg reader, feedly, or what-ever), baseline is you need to follow intresting people here

Some of my best coworkers and friends contribute those:

  • Lifehacker, for interesting howtos
  • ScienceDaily, Latest Science News
  • reddit, everything fun
  • google plus, depends on your circle quality and time you spend
  • Engadget

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