Chocolate Orange

I don’t know why, but this piece of memory surface up again when I read my favorite book Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance. Let me put it on my blog then.

It happens on west side of ThoughtWorks Beijing office. @cread visited our office for Mingle. He would help us create a software installation package for Mingle. The scene happens about the end of the day, his first day visiting Beijing Office. Chris have strong British accent, which gave me some hesitation sometimes because my English listening was not great. He says “Almost forgot, I get chocolate orange!”. Chocolate and Orange sounds like a weird combination based on my limited experience, so I double check what I hear is right “Chocolate Orange?!”. Chris replied “Yes, chocolate orange.”. My head was bursting weird idea, not sure if that’s orange flavored chocolate or some toy? Chris brings out a white cupboard box with some cutout on it which looks between fancy chocolate and toy, so that appearance doesn’t assure what I see. I was imagining how a bursting fruity orange flavor will blend with chocolate’s distinguished flavor, that may not work well? So I asked Chris why it’s a good idea to blend orange flavor with chocolate? There’s an odd expression on Chris’s face, and he said “Oh, no, it’s just orange shaped chocolate”. Oh, it’s not orange flavored. Then I feel even more odd, I thought a big round ball (bigger than a bulb) of chocolate will be very hard to bite or break. So I asked “why they make big orange shaped chocolate ball?”. This time Chris didn’t answer my question directly, he just pull the orange shaped ball with orange color alumnium foil wrap out of the box. And then he hold it, lift it up and then heavily drop the chocolate ball on the desk. Bong! The aluminum foil wrap popped, and then the chocolate ball opened on the desk like a water lily, or I can say it opened like you cut a whole apple with an apple slicer/cutter. I wowed, and then all my questions are answered.

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