Noise Neighbor

LOL, it’s weird that anger is a good drive for a quick blog post.

My next door neighbor rent their house to a family. That family is mostly normal except they party sometimes. I mean party in an animal manner. Sorry to use that strong word, but every time you will see the whole street side parking are full, and the loud music will last long past midnight.

I used to call the 311 and report the noise neighbor. But the noise party just kept coming back. It last to 2AM normally, and in some cases it last to 3AM. That totally ruin my sleep. Previous report doesn’t work in most cases. My other neighbors also complained about it, and they exchange idea of sending letters to this family couple of times.

But over the time I start to give up. Sadly.

Last night the family party again, it’s so loud (some Iranian deep house dance music, I don’t know if that’s a genre), and both me and my wife can’t fall to sleep. So I called the San Jose police department (using their direct number) at 12:20 AM, they told me they will dispatch officer. The noise continues. We took our noise cancellation headphone to resist the deep beats. And then the police department calls back at 1:17 AM asking me if the noise are gone. I told them the noise is still there, and they told me they will send some officer here.

Around 1:45 AM, the noise is gone. I don’t know if the officer is dispatched here. But I guess the first call didn’t get any dispatch here. So next time I will make sure I report early and keep awake to reply the police department’s call. I guess they will defer the noise complaint for a while and only send officer after a delay. So I called too late.

I can’t give up.

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