在啤酒爱好者普遍认可的Ratebeer的综合排名里面,目前第一的是Westvleteren 12。它代表了Trappist修道院啤酒的最高水准,它的风格叫做Abt/Quadrupel,常见的Trappist风格是Blone/Brown (Dubble)/Trippel,Quadrupel应该翻译做四料啤酒吧,是超越Trippel的有更加丰富的酚和酯的极品啤酒。Trappist 目前比利时有6家,是Chimay、Rochefort、Achel、Westvleteren、Orval、Westmalle,还有一家在荷兰叫Koningshoeven。不过Trappist并非都是口味丰富的,比如Chimay、Achel、Westmalle都相对温和。Quadrupel则是味道层次最丰富,味道强烈的极品,据我所知只有Rochefort 10和Westvletern 12属于Trappist授权修道院生产的Quadrupel。修士在为上帝服务至于投入了毕生精力不断的优化提升啤酒酿造艺术,才有了这样的极品,所以……我就不多说了。

但是很不幸的是Westvleteren 12很难买到。能买到的Quadrupel是Rochefort 10,目前它也是我的最爱。这里和 @大Joy 不谋而合。

美国的同事比较一致的认为Russian River Pliny the elder是最好的美国啤酒,这个也供参考。因为北京是绝对买不到的。




Khalil Gibran 的诗,在 星野道夫 / Michio Hoshino 的 在漫长的旅途中 第一页就引用了这首诗:







A worth to visit list of Beijing

A worth to visit list of Beijing

I was born in Beijing, and live here till present. It’s hard to pick up some highlights from Beijing, since most of the highlights only preserved in my memory. Beijing is a changing city, as other big cities around the world, it’s a bit lost. It’s a emperor’s capital for hound of years, the residents shows open attitude, those lifelong residents in Beijing is the soul of Beijing.

I have a disease of perfectionism, I made too much fluff. Let’s go stuff.

Place to visit

Route 1

MuTianYu Great Wall (official website) is the first choice if you only have one day here. Since Great Wall is the most famous landmark of China. Badaling Great Wall is more famous than MuTianYue Great wall, but from my point of view visiting MuTianYue Great Wall is easier, and it’s has better view around the great wall. There are 2 cable car, I recommend going up from the lower one and climbing the great wall from lower part to higher part, it saves your legs. If you didn’t go gym regularly, you can take a round trip on cable car, it saves time too. Getting some cheap souvenir here, I think it gives you a better price than city area, though don’t expect good quality, souvenir just helps you remind this place. Go subway (fast food) at root of great wall is a good choice. And if you are beer lovers, don’t forget to take your favorite beers with you. Have a bottle of cool beer take you to the heaven, this great memory remains.

When you are back from MuTianYu, you still have time to visit Summer Palace. This this emperor’s royal garden, I think it’s a place you must visit when you are in Beijing. Because it shows Chinese’s sense of landscape beauty, try our taste of gardening. You will see how our emperor mashup different elements of architecture and landscape designs together. The subway line 4 has a stop near the north gate of Summer Palace, if you go to the great wall early enough, you will have enough time to go through north climbing up the mountain, watch the view of the sea (lake), going down the hill and visit the long fence (great Chinese decorated painting). The shuttle boat service is busy, don’t waste time there. Go along the bank of the lake, have a round-trip back. This long way will worth the value.

If you are a energetic person, try visit the Olympic gymnasium at night. You can take subway line 4 and line 10 to this area. Since those gymnasium has attractive looking at nights.

Route 2

This will be a challenging trip. Save the first target if you are not tough enough.

Take a taxi and arrive Temple of heaven at early morning. This is a royal temple for pray ceremony. It has a good looking temple in the middle, it stands for the most advanced Chinese wooden architectures. And the park is full of local senior people, they stands for Beijing spirit (IMHO).

Take a taxi and go to Forbidden city, you can also take subway (which is easier). At day time, you can come across TianAnMen Square (Take a picture here, it’s the core of China goverment) and arrive the south gate of Forbidden city. You can only buy tickets and enter Forbidden city from south door, don’t be here too late, the tickets is limited every day. Forbidden city is a museum, it’s where the emperor lives, and there’s tons of good looking attics, you must visit this place. I’m not sure if you can exit Forbidden city from north door, do if it’s eligible.

When you visited those 2 awesome places, it may approach sunset. The best view of Beijing is close to Forbidden city. That’s JingShan Park, it on the opposite side of Forbidden city’s north gate. Enter the south gate of JingShan Park, climb up the hill. It’s easy to be on the top. If it’s the sunset time, you will see a overwhelming awesome golden color Beijing city around you, that’s the best scene of Beijing. You will see Beijing has a symmetry layout, and it’s a master piece indeed.

It’s not too late to visit Beihai Park, it’s royal garden of emperor. Enter the south door, and exit from north door. Then you will be on lotus lane, it’s a pub street along a water system (lake). The pubs is not outstanding here, don’t waste your time here. Take a look at the lights around the water lanes, walk a way down to Drum Tower, this place has some awesome pubs provide nice drinks. Waste your nights here, you won’t regret.


  • Sanlitun pub street. Nice pubs and restaurants which covers most styles of cuisines around the world. There’s lots of big brands. And it’s the embassy area, so you will see lots of foreign people here.
  • Nan Luo Gu Xiang. Best pub street in Beijing, it has a mashup of styles, but it has it’s own soul. A will find lots of interesting stores and pubs here.


Actually there a too many choices in Beijing, but I can’t tell which is most unique and local. I just pick up some place I love and they are domestic styles.

This document will be updated when I found any interesting place to share







  • 蛮力不如思考,尤其是给R模式(右脑模式)一些酝酿时间,问题解决的会更好
  • 使用夹具而不是使用在紧张时很不可靠的肌肉,工具+脚手架是组装“复杂”系统的方法




Good bye, Mr. Jobs


我希望自己不要太情绪化,所以在techmeme.com上面仔细的寻找所有的线索,希望找到我错失的任何感动。那天晚上我也去北京的第一家Apple store感受了一下崇敬Jobs的朋友对他的悼念活动。这几日的新闻里面我的感想是:

这几日沉浸在对乔帮主的追思中,读过的追忆文章里面。MG Siegler对我们这些『其它人』的损失分析的最到位,施密特博士和Isaacson对他对孩子的爱的追忆最感人,对他安排自己最后一个月的报道最发人深省。 #iSad

“That’s the part that people couldn’t possibly know — the love and the care that he put into everything he did. He just loved his family, Laurene (Powell) and the kids. He loved them more than anyone could articulate. And he loved Apple,” Brilliant said.

“The defining character of Steve Jobs isn’t his genius, it isn’t his talent, it isn’t his success. It’s his love. That’s why crowds came to see him. You could feel that. It sounds ridiculous to talk about love when you are making a gadget. But Steve loved his work, he loved the products he produced, and it was palpable. He communicated that love through bits of steel and plastic.”





不要给死亡蒙上太多的悲伤。死亡是最好的决策工具,所以我们说『面死而生』,知道会死才真的知道为什么要生,这是Jobs所有观点中最重要的。他真的和死亡抗争了很久,是一个真正面死而生的人。希望有一天我们能够再会,May the Force be with you


Maredsous 10 Abdij Tripel Ale

The value of reading news

Recently I found I’m addicted on reading news, including gadget news, social headlines and hacker news. Today, I’m thinking why I read so much news? What’s the value of reading news?

The news include content and context, but there are more things underneath. When we read news, we got a story of what just happend, but this is not very valuable. The content and context is history journal, we just put some sentence and images into our memory. This is no difference with a comupter, and computer is good at recording things, it never changes or forgets. We are human, we have non-linear thinking machine, which give us some outputs after thinking. I think there are 3 main elements for human, thinking, feeling and memory, reading news just give us some outputs of memory and feeling, those things construct a timeline in our brain. And when we have spare time, the brain thinks in right mode, and it may give us idea at anytime. Acctually, the most value part is making a point of view, so we determine which part we should stand for this piece of news. This judgement can be irational, I means the reason and the result may has no direct connection, we just jump to a conclution. I think we can call it taste. And I remember this quote “The only thing you can trust is your taste”. This irational process of making judgement is our taste.

We should split news into two categories. One is a report of a story, it tells us what just happend, like a statement, we just recieve it and store. Another is a comment of something, so there will be some personal judgement or ideas come from reviewer. They already stand on a side of this story, and we will recieve this comments and record the direct feeling of there comment. For example, the techmeme always tell us the breaking headline of different news source, but most of which is plain story. The other example is hacker news, it contains lots of blog post about someone’s opinion, those report is more like sharing taste of those things. I prefer the deep analysis of news, like hacker news’ style. They put non-linear reason and result together, help us organizing out thoughts in reviewer’s points of view. This thinking practice helps us make our own taste.

If we only store news, it’s a huge waste. I we just day dreaming, it’s useless too. Reading some news, and corresponding analysis is good for us. This may be the real value of reading news.

Don’t waste too much time on reading news, most of them are fast food. You should do long reads too, long articles are more nutritious. Magazines are way between long reads and online fragment reading, whe should balance the ratio of them. Keep processing langurages and images in our memory is important, it’s your privilege, it helps you find your real taste.














最后,说说OpenParty。和冰云聪明的猪一起聊,开始有了组织OpenParty这样一个活动的想法。原因是我们希望各个社区里面靠谱的人可以在一起真诚的交流,交流的内容不设限制。因为当时的很多公司赞助的技术活动里面有很浓的商业味道,让一些话题变成了软文的宣讲会,这样大家活动起来很不舒服,在这个角度上来说就是缺乏“真诚”。我们组织活动的方式选择了Unconference,自助会议。活动的时候个人是没法影响活动的走向的,大家在一起通过民主的方式选择要听什么、要讲什么。到现在好像快有30期了,我们发现随着活动的不断积累(口口相传),来参加活动的人越来越“靠谱”,很多社区的大腕在现场和参与者真诚交流,听话题的朋友给演讲者真诚的反馈。这样真诚的环境就形成了一个小范围的信任。Terry Zhu来我们活动的时候说美国的湾区(美国的创新发动机)有很多类似OpenParty这样的开放会议,大家都很真诚的交流,所以形成了湾区那样的环境。朋友从美国旅游回来说三藩那里充满微笑,但并非美国所有的城市都是那样。可以说,由于湾区城市大部分的人的真诚,形成了城市良好的诚信环境,这样的环境会让更多的靠谱的人聚集过去。OpenParty只是一个很小很小的活动,它只能形成一个很小很小的诚信环境,但是这是一种努力。我们希望这种努力可以把诚信带到更大一些的环境(参与者所在的公司),延长到更久的时间(朋友在活动以后的深入交流),能够聚合更多的靠谱的人。



Terry Zhu
Terry Zhu


盗梦空间 Inception

道姆·柯布(莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥 Leonardo DiCaprio 饰)与同事阿瑟(约瑟夫·戈登-莱维特 Joseph Gordon-Levitt 饰)和纳什(卢卡斯·哈斯 Lukas Haas 饰)在一次针对日本能源大亨齐藤(渡边谦 饰)的盗梦行动中失败,反被齐藤利用。齐藤威逼利诱因遭通缉而流亡海外的柯布帮他拆分他竞争对手的公司,采取极端措施在其唯一继承人罗伯特·费希尔(希里安·墨菲 Cillian Murphy 饰)的深层潜意识中种下放弃家族公司、自立门户的想法。为了重返美国,柯布偷偷求助于父亲迈尔斯(迈克尔·凯恩 Michael Caine 饰),吸收了年轻的梦境设计师艾里阿德妮(艾伦·佩吉 Ellen Page 饰)、梦境演员艾姆斯(汤姆·哈迪 Tom Hardy 饰)和药剂师约瑟夫(迪利普·劳 Dileep Rao 饰)加入行动。在一层层递进的梦境中,柯布不仅要对付费希尔潜意识的本能反抗,还必须直面已逝妻子梅尔(玛丽昂·歌迪亚 Marion Cotillard 饰)的处处破坏,实际情况远比预想危险得多…… 




  • 梦到小的时候上课老师让回答问题,被刁难,或者考试有难题做不出来,非常着急和委屈。
  • 梦到长相可怕的人吓唬她

因为老婆对我总是很信任,并且觉得我很聪明,所以我就想以此作为基础让她对自己有心理暗示。主题就是这样:“无论何时Tin都会在我身边帮助我的。” 结果还真的不错,老婆后面一周的睡眠恢复了很多:

  • 第一种梦境她会梦到我告诉她如何回答,然后进很自豪了。考题的时候她会梦到我回家给她讲题。这些场景就基本上不会成为噩梦了,而是一种有压力但是最后会缓解的场景。而且这个时候她基本上会意识到自己在做梦了。
  • 第二种情况因为她基本上都能梦到我在身边,所以很少梦到遇到长相恐怖的人的梦境了。

我还满心欢喜这Inception植入的不错。但是,电影里面就说过,一个看似聪明的Inception总是会被做梦者潜意识的保护所破坏,最终的结果就是通过另外一个梦把做梦者带回原来相似的困境中,也就是噩梦。我们尝试的这个心理暗示,最后果真还是被另外一个梦弄得失效了,而且这次又把我亲爱的老婆吓醒了,对她的打击似乎比上次还要严重。所以这已经在警告我不要尝试通过暗示的方式让Inception影响你的梦,这种Lucid dream其实更真实也就更可怕。